November 30, 2016

Best coffee in Paris part 2: Holybelly

Time for the next part of best coffee in Paris. Last weekend we went to Hollybelly with Milla and Riikka. We had to wait for one hour for our table, because as usual, the best brunch places in Paris are totally full from the moment they open on weekends. At Holybelly you have a really nice and kind atmosphere with people running around, music and tables full of laughter. A total opposite to The Broken Arm, this place has an Australian/US feel rather than french.

We decided to take pancakes in two ways: salty and sweet + a bowl of black porridge with fruits. Everything was delicious, just a little too much sweet to eat in the beginning of the morning. We should have taken one pancake and then some of of their specialty egg dishes that they had on the menu. The portions were huge and the prices ranged from porridge 8e to pancakes 12e and their egg dishes were around 13e if I remember right. Price and quality goes well hand in hand. We left rolling out the café, definitely a place we will be visiting again.

19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010

Metro Chateau d'eau

On weekends open from 10-17
Tuesdays & Wednesdays closed
Other days from 9-17

November 27, 2016

Thigh high boots

Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Shoes/Mango, Bag/YSL, Skirt/Zara, Cashmere sweater/Andiata, Sunnies/RayBan

I found theses amazing thigh high boots from Mango on black friday. With skirt or black jeans, I will be using these beauties a lot this winter. 

Yesterday we went brunching with Milla and Riikka to Holybelly here in Paris. Amazing pancakes, coffee and black porridge. I'll be updating my blog tomorrow about this experience. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

November 24, 2016

Make it chill

Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

T-shirt/From Paris, Bag/Dior, Pants/Andiata, Shoes/Elizabeth Stuart, Sunnies/RayBan. Blazer/Andiata, Jewellery/Cartier

Good Friday morning everyone! I'm beyond happy now that the weekend is ahead. There is so many nice things to come. Soon I will go running along Seine after my morning coffee, then I'll go shopping (search for the perfect thigh high boots) and then head to school for one presentation. Tomorrow we will go brunching with Milla and Riikka to Holybelly. I've wanted to go there for such a long time that I'm super excited for this one. 

Now that I have more time from school I can focus on blogging more, so I was thinking that if you have any blog post ideas I'm more than happy to hear. :)

Have a lovely weekend. xx

November 22, 2016

Best coffee in Paris part 1: The Broken Arm

the broken arm 7 the broken arm 8 the broken arm 6 I have been visiting some amazing very Instagram friendly cafes lately, and that is from I got the idea to start making my own list of the best coffee places in Paris. Here it's not the easiest thing to find a nice coffee spot with good lattes in beautiful cups supported with a photogenic environment. It has become better lately with the hipster culture rising up also in the promised land of espressos and dry cookies (sorry).

Here comes my first suggestion. We went to The Broken Arm with Milla last Tuesday. It's situated in the heart of Marais, close to metro Temple and Republique. The Broken Arm is at the same time a luxury concept store and a cafe. The concept store is right next door and also definitely worth a visit with it's effortless, minimal, slightly scandinavian luxury style. As it was breakfast time, we decided to share some black bread toasts and a cookie. The toasts were 8 e each, lattes 4 e and the cookie was 2,5 e. There was  also some granolas and other pastries on the breakfast menu which looked rather delicious. I really recommend the avocado toast and the cookie. Super yummy! All in all a nice calm spot for breakfast or lunch (there is an everyday changing lunch menu with prices ranging from 6,5 e to 20 e).

12 rue Perrée, 75003 Paris

Metro Temple or Republique

Tuesday-Saturday from 9-19

Sunday & Monday closed

November 21, 2016

On Saturday's we wear sweaters

IMG_6337.jpgIMG_6333.jpg IMG_6370.jpg IMG_6364.jpg IMG_6164.jpg Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Pants/Andiata, Bag/Prada, Sweater/Paris, Sunnies/RayBan

Nothing fits as well as a sweater and leather jacket on a lazy saturday when strolling through shops and having some late morning coffee. This weekend I've been seeing my friends and desperately tried to read to my upcoming exams. Which ended up in baking brownies and chitchatting with Andrea.. Have a lovely day. xx

November 17, 2016

Chunky suede boots and oversized cashmere knit

IMG_4752.jpg IMG_4849.jpg IMG_4778.jpg IMG_4792.jpg IMG_4812.jpg IMG_4807.jpg Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Knit/Andiata, Blouse/Andiata, Pants/Mango, Boots/Zara, Sunnies/RayBan, Bag/Chloé

This knit is one of my Autumn favourites this year. So comfy and warm! Worn with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers or boots, it has the perfect chill oversized look.

I've got something on my wish list waiting for me at Gucci.. I have been thinking of this classy piece  for such a long time and now that Gucci is so trendy as a brand, this would be the right moment to buy it. We'll see what happens. <3 Have a lovely day. xx

November 15, 2016

Baby blue

IMG_5550.jpg IMG_5667.jpg IMG_5648.jpg IMG_5663.jpg IMG_5668.jpg Pictures by Andrea Lindberg

Pants/Andiata, Pull/Andiata, Shoes/Mango, Bag/Chloé, Watch/Cartier

Baby blue and beige is something I didn't think that would pull of in such a nice way. Looks soft and luxurious with a soft winter feel. 

Yesterday we went to the Brokenarm café with Milla. I have been trying out the trendiest coffee shops in Paris lately and I thought I could do my own favourite coffee guide Paris at some time soon. ;) Have a lovely day. xx

November 12, 2016

Flared Sleeves

IMG_4175.jpg IMG_4183.jpg IMG_4166.jpg IMG_4164.jpg IMG_4264.jpg IMG_4239.jpg IMG_4201.jpg IMG_4194.jpg IMG_4261.jpg IMG_4250.jpg IMG_4265.jpg Blouse/Andiata, Pants/Andiata, Fur/Andiata, Hat/Zara

 Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Details with a romantic touch have been inspiring me lately. Everything girly from ruffles to bows and flared sleeves - the vintage romance movement coming from the Gucci of Alessandro Michele is making me fall head over heels. 

Tomorrow I'll be heading to the market at Bastille once again. Having a brunch before - this is becoming a traditional Sunday in Paris for me. Not complaining. ;) Have a lovely day. xx

November 09, 2016

Faux fur dream

IMG_1243.jpg IMG_1221.jpg IMG_1322.jpg IMG_1402.jpg IMG_1410.jpg IMG_1334.jpg Pictures by Nea Nieminen

Coat/Andiata, T-shirt/Andiata, Jeans/H&M, Shoes/Elizabeth Stuart, Bag/Prada

We're having such a terrible weather in Paris this week. Rain, rain and a bit more rain. Really affecting my mood too. The only thing I want to do right now is to take a big cup of tea, jump in my bed and watch a movie haha. Makes me miss cold and white November days in Finland. <3 

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