April 07, 2017


Pictures by Riina Räikkönen

Suit/Andiata, Bag/Chloé, Shoes/Gucci

A well tailored suit. I can't come up with anything more stylish. When wearing this suit, I feel incredibly confident. The color, the cut, the style. 

This past week has went by as a lightning as I have had so many things to do. Beside work, I always try to manage to meet up with my friends as much as possible. Yesterday I was very lucky in order to be able to see three of my friends during the same day. We started the day with Riina at work, then I saw Milla in the late afternoon for some pics & chitchat and in the evening after work we went to have drinks with Aino. A friend of mine who I haven't seen in a looong time. I was so happy to realize that even though our lives have changed and many things have happened, it doesn't matter. The friendship is still completely the same. Have a lovely day. xx

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